Fleur de Lis Archive

The Fleur de Lis is the full-color magazine for members of the Society of Louisiana Irises. The Fleur covers all forms of the irises, new and old, species and cultivars. Articles display the latest award winners and longtime member favorites. 

Readers will learn about the varied growing conditions in which the irises will thrive and about other members who grow them. The Fleur fully covers Society events such as our annual conventions and shows.

The Fleur de Lis is the essential Louisiana iris resource. Use the links below to browse through issues for the last several years to see for yourself. Eventually, all issues of the Fleur de Lis and its predecessor SLI Newsletter will be accessible online. Together, these publications have been sent continuously to Society members since 1953.

Latest Issue

Winter 2023

Past Issues

Summer/Fall 2023

In the Summer/Fall 2023 issue of “Fleur de Lis” by the Society of the Louisiana Iris, readers are treated to a featured article titled “What do my irises need now?” offering practical insights into iris care for gardening enthusiasts.


Spring 2023

Explore the vibrant world of Louisiana irises in Fleur de Lis’s Spring 2023 edition. Dive into the art of hybridizing as seasoned experts share their insights. Unearth valuable tips on optimal growing conditions, ensuring your irises thrive in the upcoming season. The issue also captures the essence of recent conventions, providing an insider’s view into […]


Winter 2022

In the Winter 2022 edition of Fleur de Lis, join a journey through the quieter months as we delve into the world of Louisiana irises. Discover the charm of winter gardening with features on specialized care, ensuring your irises endure the colder weather. Reflect on the highlights of the past conventions, reminiscing about shared experiences […]