Jean Collins of New Zealand, who has belonged to our Society off and on for many years.  She ran a nursery specializing in beardless irises, including the Louisiana irises.
She had served as Secretary-Treasurer of the New Zealand Iris Society from 1972 to 1982.
We regret the loss of one of our Charter Members, Mrs. Chester C. (Hattie) Clark of Shreveport, LA.
Hattie died in March 1985.  Her beautiful garden was on tour for the 1951 AIS convention in Shreveport, LA.  Although she was in her 90's, she still worked in her garden and grew many Louisiana irises as well as daylilies, roses, hostas and beautiful green house plants.
We were all saddened by the death of Rudolph "Rudi" Fuchs on June 8. Although primarily a grower of bearded irises, Rudi had become interested in Louisianas and spurias and grew most of the popular varieties. He had not missed an American Iris Society Convention since the 1974 one in Roanoke, VA and, despite his heart condition, he attended the May 1985 Convention in Indianapolis. 

Each year we lose another of our longtime members until there are few of these members left. We regret the death on July 1, 1989 of one of our oldest and most colorful members, Calvin Blue. Calvin and his wife Inez joined the Society in 1945, soon after it was organized. They with their young daughter Susie came to all the Society functions and were always on hand to greet out-of-towners at the Friday night supper of the annual meeting.

Mrs. Barbara Deremiah of 4122 E. San Amiguel, Phoenix, AZ, died on June 2, 1981, after a long illness.  Barbara was considered the leader of the Phoenix area for promotion of Louisiana Irises and grew guest plants from many of the hybridizers.  Her garde, with the help of her family and friends, was on tour this spring and will be on tour again in 1982.  Her gardening friends want hybridizers to be assured there were excellent records kept on the guest irises and the garden will continue to be maintained by her family and iris friends.
Despite her health, Barbara came to Lafayette for the Society's annual meeting in 1980 and 1981.  Her account of a swamp trip in 1980 was published in the September 1980 Newsletter.
Barbara is survived by her husband and three teenage children.
The iris world lost a valued friend and leader on Monday, June 10, 1991 when Oren E. Campbell of North little Rock, Arkansas died. Oren and his wife, Sue, were charter members of the Central Arkansas Iris Society, and he had served as both CAIS President and Regional Vice President of the American Iris Society, and was an AlS Master Judge (retired).

An early member of the Society, Mrs. V.B. Evans of Ferriday, Louisiana, died in June 1991. Mrs. Evans had served on the Board of Directors and on various committees during the early years. 

AlbertDetwilerBert Detwiler 1919 - 2014 Albert C. "Bert" Detwiler was the fourth of six children born to J. Homer and Blanche (Shaffer) Detwiler. All were born in the same house in Jeannette, PA. Bert was born on March 28, 1919 in Jeannette, PA., and died of complications following surgery on December 30, 2014, in Tucson, AZ. He was 95. After a short stint as circulation manager of the local newspaper, Bert at age 23 became the manager of three theaters in Latrobe, PA, in 1942. Bert married his high-school sweetheart, Joan Valentine Skidmore, on April 23, 1940, in Indiana, PA. In 1944 Bert volunteered for service in WWII.