As I read the article in the recent Newsletter by Robert Treadway titled "Oh Iris, Where Art Thou," when I read where he said he had never gotten to know the man Marvin Granger, my thought was, "Oh, what a loss!" To never get to indulge in a cup of his dripped coffee and a piece of his peanut butter pie, to never have gotten to know this kind, gentle, funny witty person! There are thousands of people who cross our paths in a year, having the open garden and
being involved in plant societies, pottery, etc., that we are involved with.

But, over the course of a lifetime, there are that small handful of people that you say "Thank you, Lord, for letting our paths meet and allowing us to get to know this person." So it was with Marvin.

As our daughter recently left with a vase from the load of pottery Donald had just unloaded from the kiln, he picked her an 'Angel Face' rosebud for it, and I pulled her some penstemon to surround it. A week or so later she wanted to know what the other plant was, because it was still pretty, and I told her, and that the original plant of it came from Marvin. She was delighted, and spread the seeds around her place hoping they will come up in the spring.