Picture of Donald CopenhaverDonald Copenhaver of DeRidder, La. died recently. Don is fondly recalled by SLI members who occasionally visited the Copenhaver farm and garden during annual convention bus tours. They were perfect hosts.

Don was a potter, in addition to being a retired dairy farmer, and examples of his ceramic pieces could be found in his garden. Don is survived by his wonderful spouse, Nita Copenhaven. Don and Nita have always been generous in donating Louisiana iris rhizomes for sale at the annual convention.

The Society for Louisiana Irises (SLI) extends its sympathies to the family of Don. His presence at SLI conventions will be sorely missed, but his impact on the Society will be felt for years to come.

(Editor's Note:  This notice first appeared in the Fleur de Lis, the quarterly publication of SLI, in the Spring 2006 issue.)