The Marie Caillet Cup was created in 2000 to honor Marie Caillet (1915-2010). It was first awarded at the annual banquet in April 2001.

Since she had devoted over 60 years to Louisiana irises, it was thought fitting that recognition should be continuing as well. The MarieCailletportratCaillet Cup, was designed to be similar to the Walter Cup at the American Iris Society conventions, and it is equivalent of the American Iris Society’s “President Cup”. The award will be given to the hybridizer of the best iris seen in garden tours, as voted by members present.

In circumstances made to order for the occasion, Marie Caillet was present for the inaugural of the Cup, and the award was presented by Marie herself. The 2001 Marie Cup went to Patrick O’Connor for ‘Feliciana Hills’, which was in bloom at the Baton Rouge Botanic Garden. ‘Feliciana Hills’, registered in 1992, is one of the too-few really pink Louisianas and a good grower.


The following irises have won the Marie Caillet Cup:

2001 ‘Feliciana Hills’ by Patrick O’Connor at Baton Rouge Botanic Gardens

2002 ‘My Friend Dick’ by M. D. Faith

2003 ‘Red Velvet Elvis’ by Kevin Vaughn

2004 ‘Longue Vue’ by Dorman Haymon

2005 ‘Henry Rowlan’ by M. D. Faith

2006 ‘Princess Anna Marie’ by Joseph Musacchia Jr

2007 ‘Rigolets’ by Patrick O’Connor

2008 ‘Shy Royal’ by John Taylor of Australia

2009 ‘Miranda Leigh’ by Rusty McSparrin at Plantation Point Nursery

2010 ‘Big Charity’ by Patrick O’Connor

2011 ‘Honey Galore’ by Ron Betzer at Betzer’s garden

2012 ‘Starlike Starbrite’ by Marvin Granger at Plantation Point Nursery

2013 ‘Edna Claunch’ by Harry Wolford at Michael Reed garden

2014 ‘Remember Paris’ by Peter Jackson at Patrick O’Connor garden

2015 ‘Seminole Moon’ by Harry Wolford at Ron Betzer’s garden

2016 ‘Laura Louise’ by Rusty McSparrin at Plantation Point Nursery

2017 ‘Garden Diva’ by Joe Mussachia at Hooker and Bonnie Nichols’ garden

2018 ‘Acadian Sky’ by Joe Mussachia at Baton Rouge Botanical Gardens

2019 'Mama Janice' by Joe Mussachia growing at Ron Betzer's gardens in Lafayette