Distinguished Merit AwardIt was not a hard decision for the Board to select Ron Killingsworth to receive the Society's Distinguished Merit Award.  There was no need to make a list of his jobs and accomplishments to tally them up.  When Ron's name was suggested, it was more or less met with, "Of course.  Obviously.  About time," and the like.

In all likelihood, more members of SLI interact with Ron than any of our other leaders.  That's mainly because he has long been Membership Chair, which, in combination with his job as Treasurer, makes him the most frequent point of contact for many.  When your "Fleur de Lis" arrives it is because Ron (and Sue, of course!) mailed it, and if it includes a reminder that your membership will expire soon, pay attention!  That's Ron doing one of his many jobs, and he takes it seriously.

Ron's contributions to SLI can't be captured with just a list of positions he has held or the tasks he has performed.  He has been a driving force in the Society, a self starter and a pusher.  No doubt this is partly due to his military background, but in all likelihood he brought those traits to his service.  If one looks into the work of the Society - whether day-to-day operations, the staging of conventions, or advocacy for improvements in the organization - there is a high probability that Ron will be found to have been heavily involved.

We have many reasons to be grateful for Ron's distinguished contributions.  Hopefully, they will continue for many years.

By:  Patrick O'Connor