Sidney Conger was very active in the Society for Louisiana Iries (SLI) in the 50's, 60's and 70's.  By profession he was the owner of Conger's Funeral Home in Arcadia, LA.  Sidney was the son of Inez Conger.  Inez was close friends with Caroline Dormon and the early organizers of SLI. Sidney registered 29 Louisiana irises and named several of them for his friends within SLI. At a SLI meeting in Lafayette he met Bette Lee Davis, the daughter of Claude Davis.  Sidney and Bette Lee later married and lived in Arcadia, LA, until Sidney died. Over the years, his registered irises won 9 Honorable Mentions. “Marie Caillet” won the Mary Swords DeBaillon Award in 1970. “Mulberry Mousse” (1957) is one of the early registered irises that showed “veining” and is one of my Conger favorites. “Caroginia” (1956) was obviously one of his favorites and is used in three of his registered irises as the “pod parent” and one other iris as the “pollen parent”.