a clump of Dixie Deb in the garden

The mission of the Society is to promote the use of Louisiana irises as a gardening resource, including education, conservation of species and worthy hybrids, cooperation with other organizations of similar interests, and through hosting an annual convention. 

a clump of Dixie Deb in the gardenDixie Deb in the garden

The Society for Louisiana Irises is a non-profit educational organization incorporated in the State of Louisiana.

1. To exchange information among iris growers on the culture and breeding of Louisiana irises and the encouragement and support of scientific research, including those pertaining to the solution of diseases related to, but not necessarily exclusive to the Louisiana iris and investigation and conservation of the genus in the wild.

2. To collect and distribute the best available information on the subject of Louisiana irises and the collection, compilation, and publication of data concerning the history, classification, breeding, hybridizing, and culture of LA irises.

3. To encourage research that will have as its objectives: best nomenclature and culture; and development of new varieties of Louisiana irises and to promote, foster and encourage the planting and cultivation of Louisiana irises.

4. The education of the public through exhibitions, public display gardens, published standards for judging, and local, area, regional and national meetings and iris shows that are open to the public.

5. To cooperate with existing organizations interested in Louisiana irises and other species of irises.


Any person may become a member of this Society upon payment of the membership fee. A family membership is available to those desiring membership of two adults within the same family. Family membership provides both of the adults with full membership rights but the family receives only one copy of the "Fleur de Lis", the publication of the society.

Youth membership is available for any age up to 17 years of age at a reduced rate. International membership is available as single or family membership at the published membership rates. Organizational memberships are available but organizational memberships do not include the right to vote during general membership meetings on business matters. Honorary and complementary memberships are awarded to individuals and organizations as approved on a case by case basis by the SLI board.


The Society shall hold at least one annual meeting per year, time and place as arranged by the Board of Directors. This meeting will include a convention with programs and garden tours. The general schedule of convention meetings is a rotation between the following locations: Lafayette, LA; Shreveport, LA; Dallas, TX; New Orleans, LA; however, other locations can be approved by the board as warranted.
The Board of Directors shall hold at least one annual meeting during the annual convention and as many others as conditions warrant. Special meetings shall be upon call of the president or upon request of the majority of the Board of Directors. Conference calls are often used by the board to conduct the society's business in the fall of each year.

The date for the annual meeting and show shall be set for the weekend as close as possible to the middle of of the bloom season for that location.

At each annual meeting/convention there will be a meeting of the general membership to conduct the business of the society. Those members present at the annual business meeting shall be considered a quorum for the conduct of business.