To learn more about membership in the Society for Louisiana Irises, visit the article under "Membership".

If you have a paypal account, you can join or renew your membership through paypal.  Send an email to the membership chairman requesting membership or renewal.  Please state the type membership you are requesting or renewing.  The chairman will send you an invoice through paypal.

Click This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to email the membership chairman.

Louisiana Iris in the Wild Garden at Longvue House and Gardens, New OrleansLouisiana Iris in the Wild Garden at Longvue House and Gardens, New Orleans

All are welcome become members of the Society for Louisiana Irises. Members (except when noted) will recieve an annual subscription to the printed Fleur de Lis in the mail. Fleur de Lis is the full color, quarterly publicaton of the SLI.  Family membership is available for two adults within the same household. Both family member adults recieve full membership but the family receives only one copy of the Fleur de Lis

Youth membership is available for any age up to 17 years of age. International membership is available as single or family membership. Organizational memberships are available but organizational memberships do not include the right to vote during general membership meetings on business matters. 


To join or renew your membership, send the membership form (or a letter) with dues, name, address, phone number and email address to:

Ron Killingsworth, Treasurer
10329 Caddo Lake Rd.
Mooringsport, LA 71060


Or, join and renew your membership via PayPal:

USA Membership


International Membership

Life Membership

Or contact Ron Killingsworth via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Checks should be made payable to SLI.

Membership  Annual3 YearsLife
USA Membership
Individual $17 $45 $1000
Organizations $17 $45 -
Family $22 $60 -
Youth $5 - -
International Membership
Individual $30 $82 $1000
Organizations $30 $82 -
Family $33 $90 -


The high cost of mailing the "Fleur de Lis" to our international members has required an increase in the cost of international membership. International members are urged to consider e-membership as a more affordable alternative.

Electronic memberships:

Electronic members do not receive a printed copy of the Fleur de Lis but enjoy all rights and privileges of a regular member.
Electronic memberships will allow members to enter member only portions of the website (you will be provided a user ID and password -- you can change the password once you enter the site) and to read and download copies of the "Fleur de Lis". Electronic memberships also have access to the SLI checklist of cultivars. Members can have both a regular membership and an electronic membership which will allow them to recieve a printed copy of  Fleur de Lis and access to the members only section of the website.

Electronic membership dues: 


The membership year: 

Your membership will begin the month your payment is recieved and will continue for as many calander years for which paid. If you are renewing your membership, the renewal will extend yur membership by the number of years you chose to renew. If you renew after your expiration date, the renewal will be applied back to the month and renewed and continue for the number of years selected. You never lose any months by renewing early.

Memorial and Gifts:
The Society for Louisiana Irises invites everyone to give memorial gifts in the names of deceased people, and gifts in honor of living people, and are are accepted with gratitude by the Society. Acknowledgements will be sent to both the honoree and the donor (other than memorial donations) and will be acknowledged in the "Fleur de Lis" (unless requested otherwise).
Gifts of this nature should be sent to the SLI Treasurer, Ron Killingsworth, 10329 Caddo Lake Rd., Mooringsport, LA 71060, payable to SLI, with detailed instructions about the purpose and requested use of the funds.

The American Iris Society:
The Society for Louisiana Irises is a section society within the American Iris Society. However, membership in AIS is not a part of SLI membership. SLI encourages all its members to join the American Iris Society. Learn more about AIS membership at