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Charles Perilloux of Baton Rouge, the head of the SLI Species Preservation Project, has a new article in the Summer 2020 issue of the Bulletin of SIGNA - The Species Iris Group of North America.   The update on the project includes information on many new clones of the Louisiana iris species, and, there are lots of great pictures, of course.

The SPP is a success for the Society.  In some respects, progress has been slower than hoped, but on the other hand the expansion of the collection in terms

 of the number of plants and the variety of clones has become a challenge to keep up with.  The list of active stewards spans several states, and diferent irises on the "preservation list" now number well over 100.  In fact, the task faced is to winnow them down in the coming years to those that are distinctly different.

The proof is visible mainly at bloom time.  In a more normal year, we would have produced more pictures, but the coronavirus had other plans for us.  Next year expect no less than an amazing display of the wild irises that nature provided, all without the help of people with tweezers.    

 Download a pdf of Charles' article on the Species Preservation Project by clicking here.